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Computer Service Repair Center

Leading Computer Service Repair Center in South Africa

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lesedi computer service repair center
LESEDI ICT is the country’s leading computer repair service with years of experience. Our services have helped hundreds of customers with various technical aspects of their computers.

Our expert services range from fixing computer issues to providing technical support to fixing a virus or malware infection. Furthermore, our expert technicians provide services in person, remotely, and over-the-phone support if needed.

Some common repairs we offer include:
  • Fixing busted screens
  • Removing Virus/Malware infections
  • Data recovery and backups
  • Hardware installation and configuration
  • Remote support and system upgrade
lesedi computer service repair center

Professional Laptop Repairs

Many things can go wrong with your laptop. These include the battery expanding, display not turning on, keyboard not responding, and various motherboard issues.

In our years of experience working on laptops, the battery is the most common point of failure. If you are stuck with a laptop that will not charge or if your laptop is shutting down unexpectedly, then this is likely due to a faulty battery. In which case, the battery will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, most batteries aren’t user-replaceable. That’s why it needs to be done professionally.

The same goes for the screen, motherboard, and replacing a faulty laptop keyboard. Laptop screen replacement for instance has become extremely complex, which means not all computer services are equipped to handle them.

We also address other common issues like laptop overheating. If the issue can’t be fixed we will advise that you buy a new laptop.

Fortunately, our computer technician(s), don’t just provide laptop screen repairs or replace the battery but instead, we offer comprehensive repairs. So, you get the best service at an affordable price.
lesedi computer service repair center

Why Choose Our Computer Repair Services?

We offer affordable, fast, and reliable computer repair services. Our technicians are experts in handling a myriad of problems.

Our team of technicians is qualified to handle any computer repair problem, no matter how complex the issue is. However, there are a couple of more reasons to choose our computer repair service:

  • Affordable service – We assure our clients of affordable prices. Our onsite and offsite services are competitively priced ensuring that you get the best value for your money!
  • Team of expert technicians – Our technicians are true professionals with years of experience fixing computer problems. In addition, they are duly certified, which ensures that they can handle just about any problem that comes their way. Whether it is desktop computers or computer networking issues, our team is here to help.
  • Quick turnaround time – We aim to fix any problem with your computer in the shortest time. While some problems can take longer to repair than others, we strive to ensure that you suffer from the least downtime possible. That’s we are the #1 choice for laptop repair in the country.

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Lesedi Computer Service Repair Center

Comprehensive Computer Repairs, Building, and Upgrades

We offer a wide range of services, and each one is the best in the business. Whether upgrading a computer, troubleshooting a hardware issue, or recovering from a crashed hard drive, we do it all.

Regardless of if you are a home or business owner, it is widely expected that your needs will evolve and grow. Even if you started with a base model PC or maybe a higher-end rig, there is always room for improvement with a better and faster computer. Similar to how you need to have the fastest internet connection.

Computer Upgrades

Computer upgrades are a great way to keep your computer running smoothly. There are many reasons why you might need to upgrade your computer. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Your computer is too slow for the programs you use.
  • You want to be able to run more than one program at a time without slowing down.
  • You want to be able to store more data on your hard drive.
  • You want a faster processor so that you can play games or watch videos without any lag time.
If you have a question about upgrading your current computer or would like an estimate, please feel free to contact us today. Our team will be more than happy to guide you.
Computer Service Repair Center

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Lesedi Computer Service Repair Center

Custom PC Building

Custom PC builds are a great way to get the perfect computer for your needs. Our technical team works with you to define and build the ultimate computer setup.

We offer custom PC builds for all budgets and to meet a variety of needs. Whether you need a gaming PC rig, workstation, or just a basic office machine, we can help you find and then build the perfect solution.

We can also provide you with a detailed quote for building a computer in addition to variations based on your budget. Furthermore, our team can also advise on the best computer-based on your particular use case.

Professional Virus Removal Service

Virus removal is a process that involves the removal of malware and viruses from a computer system. The first step in virus removal is identifying the type of virus or malware that has infected your system. This can be done by running an antivirus scan on your computer or using an online scanner such as VirusTotal.

However, even then, removing some viruses isn’t that simple. This can especially be the case with ransomware and others that disable the virus scanner. Our expert virus cleaning procedure can help revive your computer using the best possible approach in situations like these.
Lesedi Computer Service Repair Center

Minimize downtime with pro-active network scans

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LESEDI ICT specializes in building, repairing, and troubleshooting various computer issues. Our team lives and breathes computers, so regardless of the issue, you can be assured that we can fix it.

Whether you are a home or business owner that needs a few computers repaired or built, feel free to call us to discuss your needs. We strive to provide a great service!