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The Largest Selection of Solar inverters

At Lesedi ICT, we have been committed to developing and providing state-of-the-art solar inverter solutions as a way of doing our part to make solar energy more accessible to South Africans. If anything, solar power has changed how we use energy, with the latest systems making it possible to enjoy all the modern comforts we’ve expected without entirely relying on the grid.

We have worked hard to ensure that people like you are treated with the best solar inverters (aka power inverter) , which is the heart of any system. Solar inverters are a common point of failure in the system, but one which can cripple it entirely. That’s why experts like us understand the importance of a pure sinewave solar inverter that can perform reliably and not cost a fortune. Plus, it would be great if it performed as a battery charger even if coupled with lithium batteries.

The solar inverters we recommend have been extensively tested to manage battery storage, solar energy and ensure smart consumption. Have a question about our solar inverter? Give us a call today.

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What Are Solar Inverters?

To understand the importance of solar inverters, it is worth starting with an understanding of how they work and why they are needed. When the sun shines on your solar cells, it causes electrons within the solar start to start moving, which produces DC (direct current) or electricity. Circuits within the solar cells assist in collecting the energy, which is then used in the home.

Since most homes across South Africa, if not the world, run on alternating current or AC, DC can’t be used to power your microwave, for instance. So, the energy produced by the solar panels isn’t helpful unless it is converted into AC, and that’s where the inverter comes in. Once the solar inverter converts DC power to AC, it can power everything in your home. However, the inverter needs to perfectly emulate the DC current that these home appliances need to perform optimally.

Plus, like all battery chargers, the current needs to be just right to not damage the battery. So, building both these features into a single inverter is an engineering challenge.

Why Choose Our Pure Sine Wave Inverters?

Pure sine wave inverters output in sine waves, and it is the same as the utility company provides. Because of this, we recommend using pure sinewave for anyone who wants to go off the grid. Plus, it does not interfere with sensitive equipment like personal computers, TVs, AC motors, and various other appliances like microwaves.

The output from our high-quality pure sinewave solar inverter series is cleaner, quieter, smoother and thus more reliable for operating anything. All you need is to choose the right type for your needs.

The significant advantage of using pure sine wave inverters is that the AC power output is very close to the actual sine wave. The alternative is a modified sine wave inverter; the polarity switches abruptly from negative to positive. The wave has a stair-step, often square, pattern because the polarity shifts back and forth. The choppy wave can and often affects more sensitive equipment and can even ruin more sensitive types. If you need to run medical equipment like a CPAP machine, a modified sine wave inverter will ruin it.

Modified sinewave inverters, even the best ones, produce an audible hum when the device is powered via the inverter. That’s why most people prefer, and experts recommend, a pure sinewave inverter. They (pure sinewave) are safer, compatible with all devices and highly efficient.

At Lesedi ICT, every pure sinewave solar inverter we sell has been extensively tested and found to be of the highest quality. Plus, our inverters come backed by a warranty that, quite frankly, you can take to the bank!

Have a question? Need to discuss what pure sinewave inverter will work best for your solar setup? Feel free to call us.

Why choose Lesedi-ICT for your Inverter needs?


Lesedi ICT ‘s many years of experience and strong entrepreneurial spirit of its shareholders, has contributed significantly to its growth.

Team Spirit

The company’s structure to include employees via a employee trust has already shown remarkable improvement in team spirit and company cohesion.

Honesty & Integrity

We firmly believe in conducting our business with transparency, honesty and integrity, enabling us to maintain sound business principles and enabling our clients and staff to be proud of their association with us.

BEE Status

As per the Department of Trade and Industry categorisation, Lesedi is classed as a Level 2 B-BBEE QSE service provider.

Choose The Right Size Solar Inverters

One of the keys to your solar inverter performing as intended is to buy the right one or the right size one. These inverters are available in a range of sizes across various watts and output voltage, similar to when you buy solar panels. Since your solar inverter will be responsible for converting DC to AC directly from the panels, your inverter needs to be large enough to accommodate all the power produced (input voltage) by the solar array.

We recommend that clients buy solar inverters of a similar DC rating to their solar panels. For instance, if you have installed a 3000-watt solar system, you should buy a 3000-watt pure sine wave solar inverter. How do you size your system? Well, that’s best done by using an online solar power calculator or calling experts like us. 

We’ve got pure sine wave inverters ranging from 700 to 3000 watts. These are an excellent choice, even if you are deciding to live off the grid or people who intend to connect with the grid occasionally to charge their battery bank. Plus, we’ve got inverters that can also charge your battery, which eliminates any reason for connecting to the grid except when you want to carry out maintenance of the solar system.

The Highest Quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter that Does Not Break The Bank

We know that for many people buying their first pure sine wave solar inverters can be somewhat of a scary decision. After all, there are so many inverters out there. However, with the information we’ve provided on this page, you should be able to make the right choice.

In addition, at Lesedi ICT, you’ll find nothing short of the best solar inverters that money can buy. These inverters are designed to deliver and undergo years of wear, ensuring a long service life.

Our customer service team can also help you decide on the right, pure sine wave inverter based on your needs. So, feel free to call us at any time.