Managed Document Solutions

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Managed Document Solutions (MDS)

Even though most businesses underestimate the importance of poor men dating over 50, they inevitably have to appoint someone to perform their managed document solutions sooner or later. The ultimate reason why they underestimate this significantly helpful service is that most of the businesses out there aren’t quite aware of its actual definition and how much they truly need it. Fortunately for you, Lesedi-ICT provides Managed Document Solutions (MDS) and ensure we meet all your needs.

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What are Managed Document Solutions?

Managed Document Solutions facilitate us to enhance and protect our surroundings. It stimulates efficiency and saves us time. Suppose we were to define it in simpler terms. In that case, it’d go as a process where a company signs a contract with a Managed Document Solution Provider like Lesedi-ICT, according to which the MDS Providers have to keep track of all documentation and paper works. From jotting them down to printing them out, all of it is their responsibility.


Every company needs someone to fulfill all of their documentation needs, and hence we believe you might need it. Take a look around your business expenditures- all the lawful paperwork, billings, accountancy, all the calculations, etc. All these take so much of your time and money, so when you think about it, appointing a Managed Document Solution Provider for your company can relatively decrease your expenses and save a lot of time.


Why is MDS essential?

  1. Regulated document solutions provide you with additional command over conformity and paperwork safety.
  2. Operated document solutions offer you the power of your printing ecosystem, providing comfort to decrease expenses.
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Solutions to optimise your environment, increase your productivity and enhance efficiency.

Managed document solutions gives you more authority over compliance and document security.

Managed document solutions gives you control of your printing ecosystem. Giving you the flexibility to reduce costs.

How can we help?

Lesedi-ICT provides all kinds of Managed Document Solutions to our clients, and we’ve been in this industry for a very long time now. With our superior expertise and skilled professionals, we can ensure 100% success for all of your MDS needs. Here’s why you should consider us over any other providers-


  • We are dedicated to delivering our services on time-

For us, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our employees are quite promising at meeting deadlines and always make sure they deliver on time.


  • We never exaggerate or lie about our abilities-

Unlike your regular IT Managed Document Solution Providers, we never tell you some outrageous lies about how we are the best company in the world and stop answering your calls once the money is transferred. We are legit and believe you’re the one to judge us. All we expect from you is to help us help you and then give the final verdict.


  • Our Empathetic and Friendly Support Staff-

If a person approaches us and asks us to assist him, there is no way that we just blatantly cause them more problems by shifting their calls again and again or ask them to call us back later. We always ensure that all the calls we receive end with an issue resolved and no customer leaves the call unsatisfied.

Lesedi-ICT also offers the following Services: IT Support, Infrastructure Cabling & a Printer and Laptop Repair Center

  • Our Optimistic and Organized approach towards the work we serve-

Whenever dealing with new clients or just having a conversation with an older client, we always try to comfort them by telling them how easily we’ll solve their problems and how their situation is manageable. As soon as we get off the call, we start the work dedicated to our clients’ success and prioritize it to resolve the concerns they have about their businesses.


  • Best-In-Class Technology and Tools-

To ensure customer satisfaction, we’ve bought updated and latest tech gear for the company, facilitating our employees to get faster and better systems according to their needs. Indirectly, this helps our clients to get better problem-resolving assistance.

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